Aeolus (shaded)

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Aeolus is a disaster dragon (a hybrid of the green and gray dragons lineage) and leader of the Vulture horde, that's dedicated to bringing about the extinction of the human race around the world. He is 451 years old and 17' 6" in height. Bam and Gneiss are his only known cousins in the RP.


Being the leader of the Vulture horde, Aeolus uses his calculative mind to get intel on the situation and his enemies before planning out his strategy to defeat them. He volunteeringly helps out innocent dragons in trouble in hopes of inspiring others to join the Vulture horde. He has a really strong hatred for humans after everything they've done to him and his kind. Not even dragon rights activists and supporters are safe as Aeolus believes that there's no good in them or there is, they'll become bad eventually.


Being a mixed breed of dragon, Aeolus has inherited the ability from his green father to cause earthquakes, while he has gotten his lightning breath and tornado spell from his mother.


Before the SpellEdit

Aeolus was born into a clan of aristocratic dragons. Over 4 centuries ago, his clan was having a family reunion and young Aeolus was playing around with his sister, Selena, Bam, and an unnamed hatchling. He overheard a few elders brooding over times getting worse. Aeolus felt worried about the possiblity of having a dark future in his lifetime, but then the other hatchlings got his mind off it and they resumed playing. Later, his father makes an announcement to the whole clan about an ode to all their lost loved ones as well as promise of a bright future that would one day come for all of dragonkind. Pretty soon, the party gets crashed as the human soldiers raid the Gallion clan's territory and kills Aeolus's father and well as some others. His mother tries to flee the event of the attack with her two children, but tragically Selena gets killed by a gunshot and the mother's escape gets thwarted by a rocket launcher injuring her. Aeolus and his mother along with some of the other clanmates gets captured and taken into slavery.

Up to the day of the Spell, Aeolus has gone through many things that have worsened his view of humanity. For one, his mother died from overwork and exhaustion. Then a man once befriended him and used to be anti-slavery, until he became corrupt slaver and and destroyed Aeolus's trust in him. He has also been tricked by false dragon sympathizers who promised him freedom, only then to stolen from his previous slaver and to be currently owned to the lying slave thief. These two event have made Aeolus distrust even the friendliest of humans as well.

Later, he met a magi dragoness named Atlas and her sister, Flarina, after they was sold to his master. The sisters befriended him and the three worked alongside each other until the dragonesses were taken to Rudvich. During that time, Aeolus and Atlas were forced to breed with one another to produce an egg that would be put on auction to be sold, much to Atlas's distraught.

Decades later after the sisters were sold away, Aeolus received a telepathic communication from Arcaon about a plan to disable the humans' modern weaponry and forcefields, and weaken cage bars. The two of them shared thoughs and ideas on how they could make it work and soon the plan was finalized into the invention of the Spell. But they would have to wait until the right time for the worldwide escape plan to be fully effective. For now, the two dragons would spread the word to the other dragons, so that they would know what to do when Aeolus gives the signal.

The SpellEdit

On the night of the spell, Aeolus and his fellow slaves worked in the power plant to give energy to the city. After work was done, Aeolus took advantage of the opportunity and got told the dragons around the world to cast the Spell and disabled the humans' modern weapons, cages, and forcefields. The Spell went into effect and slaves worldwide started to rebel and attack their humans masters, killing them in revenge.

Aeolus participated as well and escaped the power plant to fly out into the city where he would do more of his rampage. There he encountered a dragoness named Rina and helped her to kill the soldiers who annihilated her clan. After the city gets destroyed, they find a lone survivor named Simon, who tries to defy them. But Rina puts a Curse on him that reveals everything about himself and his murderous past to nearby dragons. She tells him that his punishment is to be haunted by the memories of his crime until he changes himself. Simon falls unconscious and Aeolus recognizes the curse mark on his back, which sees resembling that of the Eternal Wind clan's symbol. Rina reveals that she is a last survivor of that clan before she leaves the city. Aeolus ate up some of the dead humans before he too leaves as well.

Soon, he comes across the Eternal Wind's villages and finds corpses of both dragons and humans like. Aeolus gives the clan members a respectable burial, while he takes the human bodies out of the village to rot. Once done, he goes to the tallest rock in the village and engraves into it the words, "Here lies the Eternal Wind clan." Then he goes into one of the caves and rests there for the night.

The Dragon Village Edit

The next morning, Aeolus wakes up to see that Rina has returned to her home village. She came hoping that there might be survivors. She gives the disaster dragon permission to take the clan medic's supplies, which he gratefully takes advantage of. Then he gives Rina his farewell, saying that maybe one day they'll cross paths again, before he leaves the clan's village.

Aeolus travels across the desert and through the plains until he gets to the forest where he find a dragon village being built by former slaves. He finds Bam there, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. Aeolus goes to the village's chief called Doubloon and gets the job of using his lightning breath to power up the crystals with the help of the malazar dragons. At the day ends, the village is complete. The dragons go inside to sleep in their new home and Aeolus is given a special cave in honor of liberating their species with the Spell.

In the following morning, Aeolus goes out hunting for breakfast when a small group of hunters shoot him with arrows. The dragon retaliates by using his earthquake power to shake the trees down on top of the humans, killing them instantly. Having heard from Atlas yesterday about the humans resorting to old and less effecient weapons, he deems the humans as still a threat to dragonkind and has returned to the village to discuss a plan of action with Doubloon and the council to wipe out the two-legged menace. First, they send spies to gather intel on the nearest human refugee camp. After receiving the info, they come up with a strategy to exteriminate the whole camp, which involves Aeolus attacking first with his tornado and then the other dragons killing the humans sucked inside and those fleeing on the ground. After rounding up the soldier dragons, Aeolus leads them to the refugee camp and proceeds with the plan. The extermination is successful and the dragons return home to celebrate their victory.

That night, Aeolus analyzes how the attack went and thinks about bringing the most powerful dragons with him on his quest to bring mankind to extinction. He goes to the chieftain's cave and asks if he would take these dragons with him. Doubloon telepathically asks the dragons in question if they would like to join Aeolus's conquest and they all accepted.

War on HumansEdit

The next day, Aeolus takes his horde of 7 dragons with him when Bam stops them and asks to join the horde on their mission. The disaster dragon allows him to join, but warns him that if things are too much for Bam, he'll be forced to leave the Vulture Horde. They find the first human refugee and destroy it with ease. Then later, they find another horde that was destroyed by a human army combined out of 3 camps. The Vulture Horde escapes for now as they are outmatched by huge numbers and magic. In a safe place, Aeolus makes a plan to increase their numbers until they have enough to destroy the army at night. They travel to search for recruits and come across a cave with a horde of dragons hiding inside to protect themselves from the army. Most of the dragons inside were unsuitable of combat, but Aeolus decides to press on and meet the cave horde leader. They learn everything about the human army that are slaughtering every dragon they see and that the leader of the dead horde was the cave leader's best friend, Dedries. Then the cave leader suggests the horde to take Orion the magma dragon with them as he believes he would be beneficial to their cause.

After Orion joins the horde, Aeolus contacts Atlas through telepathy and tries to invite her into the Vulture Horde. But the magi declines as she has her two nieces whom she need to take care of. She tells him that they were orphaned after Ramkot's hybrid gang killed their parents. Atlas had the hybrids killed as payback, to which Aeolus approves as he sees hybrids as dangerous killing machines. After he expresses sympathy for Flarina's death and Atlas, he requests the magi to invite her friends into his horde, since she's too busy raising her nieces. Atlas agrees to do that and Aeolus tells her to invite only the powerful dragons into his horde.

Later that night, the Vulture Horde sleeps in the forest, while Zylanon and Eitri take position as night guards. The nocturnal dragons hear a dragon's roar and look to see the glow of a fire in the distance as well as a silhouette of a dragon getting shot. They wake up Aeolus and the horde and tell him what's happening. The Vulture Horde goes to the cliff where they see the Sunlight Horde fighting a losing battle with the same army that killed Dedries's horde. When they see magic spells getting cast at the dragons, the Vulture Horde traces them back to a few halflings, the source of the Army's magic. Seeing the dire situation at hand, the Sunlight Horde leader orders his dragons to retreat before he ends up getting killed by an arrow. The Sunlight dragons flee, while the army continues to kill them. A gray dragoness gets wounded on her wing and falls down to the ground. Fearful for her life, Aeolus orders Eitri to teleport back to the spot in the woods they slept at. The night magi continues to do the same with the other live memembers of the Sunlight Horde. After the last of them is teleported, a magic beam shoots by the Vulture Horde and its brief light reveals them to the halflings. One of the halflings cast a lightning bolt at Aeolus, but Leafwing jumps in front of his leader to take the hit and dies, having his body burnt black and his eyes wide open. The horde feels shocked by what happened to their comrade and Aeolus tells Eitri to teleport them all before they could suffer the same fate.

After escaping the army, the Vulture Horde meets up with the Sunlight Horde and Aeolus tells them who they are and how they saved them. Then he tells the Sunlight dragons to leave with his horde as they aren't safe as long as they're near the human army's camp. The Sunlight Horde agrees to follow them away from the camp.

The next morning, Aeolus brings the Sunlight Horde into his horde and learns of each member's abilities. Then as they journey to find more dragons to build their morale, Atlas talks to him via telepathy and tells him that none of her friends are interested in joining the Vulture Horde as they're either raising their families or are in differents and one of them is living with other dragons in Windfall. Aeolus finds the idea of dragons and humans coexisting this soon after the Spell to be lunatic as the humans will get their revenge. Then after the conversation, the horde finds and meets a dragonet named Zeditha and recruit her into the horde.

Then they encounter three albino dragon sisters who are trying to rescue their friend from a refugee camp that's still running slavery. Aeolus lets them into his horde before they go to attack the camp and free the slaves. After most of the slaves have been freed, the horde goes on to attack the fleeing civilians. This angers Zeditha, who is disgusted by the horde's actions of attacking the innocent. She saves a infant from death and leaves the horde. Aeolus sends Eitri after her, but she manages to escape. So after the slaves eat up the dead humans, Eitri teleports some of the hatchlings back to their families while the slaves of the weak breeds take the orphans as their own. Aeolus takes in the slaves who want to join the horde and are fit to fight and trains them for combat.

After the slaves are trained, the horde takes them to the next refugee camp where they slaves use their new found skills to destroy the camp and its people. After the massacre is over and the humans eaten, the horde goes on to look for the next camp, only to find out that it's already destroyed. Aeolus gets his horde to find the ones responsible for this, so that he can recruit them. Soon, a crimson flare tells him that the dragons are on their way to meet him. The horde sees three dragons, Kekul, Enamora, and Cirrus. Aeolus makes them members of the horde in return for making them members of the Gallion Clan should they prove to be powerful fighters. After learning about the two magis' ability to use the tracking spell, Aeolus gives them a mental image of Zeditha and gives the new recruits a mission of going after Zeditha and killing the baby she's protecting. The recruits and the crimson flares teleport over to the former horde member's location. The horde waits for them to be done with their mission and look forward to their success. But when the team gets back, they tell Aeolus of their failure and how they got wounded by the Aquarians who came to help Zeditha and her friends. Enamora tells the Aquarian's warning to Aeolus that if the Vulture Horde is ever seen in Windfall, then they won't be shown any mercy. The horde is shocked at hearing about the Windfall dragons being willing to defend humans. Aeolus decides that they'll need an extremely large horde before they can rescue Windfall from its human-caused destruction.

The horde travels to the lake, where they rest and get a cool drink of water. Aeolus hears a car on the road and goes to destroy it and its driver. When he returns back to the lake, he is greeted with a new dragon named Pyro, who was invited by Bam. Aeolus learns about the new recruit's abilities before telling him about how they were going to destroy the army with help of his abilities. Then the horde goes to sleep early, so that they can have enough energy for the attack on the camp.

Dragons of Shadow Wind Edit

At midnight, the horde wakes up and were about to teleport to the camp, when a dark leaf pygmy tells Aeolus about the two mysterious dragons among them. He uses Bam's fire as his beacon to get through the darkness and follow the dark leaf pygmy's voice. Then they find Dracul and Arch, the dragon lords from Shadow Wind. Dracul tells Aeolus that Atlas is working with a traitor to his city named Axle Incarus, who is supposedly wanted for the murder of Crimsrion Drago and owning slaves of all races. Dracul claims to care for the safety of Atlas and her family as he doesn't want to resort to killing her should she keep on assisting Axle. Aeolus agrees to help Dracul for the sake of his friend. He makes Bam in charge of the horde while he's gone and gets Kekul to place a tracking spell on Atlas and warp Aeolus, the dragon lords, and the chosen team over to the spring cave.

There, the horde attacks the Incarus brothers and Atlas is kept at bay by Tavurth and Pyro. Axle tries to tell the horde that that they're helping the banished dragon, Dracul. Aeolus looks at the current dragon lord suspiciously and inquires about his banishment. Dracul lies to him about killing a thief who stole an artifact, which ended up getting him banished and denied entry back in by Axle's father, Exbac. When Dracul tells Mekarth, who isn't wanted by the law, to back down and let everyone get to Axle, the black dragon defies him and then the two start to fight each other. They then take their fight down below into the woods with the combating Axle and Arch following after. Aeolus tells some of his horde to go after them before he goes and try to persuade Atlas into leaving Axle. But Atlas tells him that he's been lied to and that Dracul was the real villain here. Aeolus inquires about who Axle really is and the magi tells him every good thing she knew about Axle. Then Aeolus expresses disapproval for bringing her nieces on a dangerous quest for a stranger and calls her foolish to do so. Atlas defends herself saying that she was pretty cocky about handling the whole world, because of her dragon champion status and mentions that Axle told her the same thing too. Aeolus, now convinced that Axle may be the good guy after all, telepathically tells his horde members to stop attacking the Incarus brothers and go after Dracul and Arch instead. But it was too late as his horde members tell him that the evil dragon lords have already left. Aeolus tells them bring the brothers back to him for cross-examination.

Pretty soon, a silver dragoness named Juna enters the cave and asks if anyone has seen her brother. Then Eitri's group returns with Mekarth's wounded and unconscious body, which then cause Juna to get upset and accuse everyone of being her brother's assailants. Lutarn's group returns next with the body of Axle, who's in similar condition. Aeolus tells Hewey to heal the brothers before witnessing Juna's transformation into a halfling. Wanting to see if he can get his claws on the spell, he asks Atlas how her friends are able to turn into humans. But before the question is answered, Atlas is interrupted by Juna's wailing over her brother not healing himself. The magi goes over to Juna and tells her that Spinx is the reason for this. Hearing the necromancer's name, Aeolus asks Atlas about Spinx and says that he was the "special human" that Dracul mentioned to him earlier. Atlas and Juna talk about Spinx's skills and powers as well as that of the dragon lord zombies. Aeolus, needing dragons like Eve and Tork, asks Juna what breed where they so that he can find those types and train them. Juna retorts by saying that Eve's spells can be learned by anyone and that Tork's spells are uncommon and is only one who knows them. Aeolus gets annoyed by her cheeky attitude and says that he'll have Atlas tell about the spells later, so that he can learn. Then he tells the magi to forgive him as he should have known that there was something off about Dracul, when he had a human working for him. But Atlas and Juna tell him that not all humans are evil and shared their experiences with good humans. However, Aeolus still believes that all humans, whether good or not, are a threat to them in their own ways.

Then suddenly, they see the forest is on fire and Atlas goes to put out the flames. Juna notes that this fire is not natural or an accident and Aeolus suspects that this could be a trap set by Spinx to lure out his targets. The disaster dragon knows its too dangerous to sleep at the spring cave tonight and tells Atlas to return to the cave as the fires were a trap. The magi returns after the flames are put out by the rain and Aeolus tells her to teleport to his horde's camp.

Everyone gets warped there and the horde leader tells Bam that he's finally returned. Then he telepathically talks to Atlas about the transformation spell and lies to her, claiming that he needs the spell to go among humans and differentiate the good ones that he'll spare in the horde attacks from the bad ones. Atlas, knowing how truly honest Aeolus has been in her life, happily believes the lie and teaches him the spell. But then Juna somehow knows what the two were talking about and won't forgive Atlas if anything happens to Rudvich because of the horde. Aeolus, seeing that she could be a threat to his quest for human extinction, plots to dispose of her, but waits for the right time to do so. Then he sees the new recruit, Sargoth, brought to him by Bam. Aeolus tells Sargoth the strategy to destroy the camp before the entire horde warps there.

The flower pygmies kills the men at the light posts before the black ghost dragons go to the halflings' tent and lead Pyro there to it. The halflings are killed and then Sargoth and the magis go in to trap the whole camp with walls to prevent the humans from escaping. The horde then goes in to destroy the entire camp, but at the cost of five pygmy lives. With the threat to dragonkind gone, the horde returns to the lake in success and sleeps for the rest of the night.

Training for the War Edit

The next day, Aeolus contacts the leader of the cave horde about the destruction of army, to which the cave leader rejoices. Then the disaster dragon talks to Sargoth about Dracul and how he plans to capture the tyrant. But he'll need cassares as their anti-magic fields can prevent Dracul and Arch from escaping with their teleportation magic. Aeolus asks Sargoth if he knows of any cassares who are willing to join the horde. Sargoth tells him about the cassare village that he once accidentally teleported into, but they are very suspicious of strangers. Aeolus doesn't think that they'll be willing to help overthrow Dracul to save Shadow Wind, so he decides not to go to that village for now. After Juna gets into a fight with Axle, she goes over to Aeolus and harshly tells him to "clean up his mess" next time. The horde leader is angered by her lack of respect and sarcastically asks her how he can "clean it up". Then in an attempt to add insult to injury, he asks her if Dracul has removed her dragon lord title. Juna tells him that she does not care for Solomos, but she will attack him if his horde were to threaten Rudvich. Aeolus is glad that she won't interfere with his agenda in Solomos and won't need to do anything to her for now.

Then Aeolus goes to Pyro and asks if he knows any other dragons of his kind. The cassare tells him of his former clan, who are unwelcoming to outsiders, but totally for human extinction. Aeolus uses Eitri's stone to warp there and talk to Salvo, the leader of the clan, about him and why he came here. Coincidentally, Yopple, who also teleported at the clan's home, comes to Aeolus and wants to join his clan. As Aeolus learn about Yopple's abilities and confirm to him that he's part-magi, the two are being stealthily harassed by Baltia, who wants to annoy everyone for fun. Salvo gets mad by the unwanted intrusions in his territory and has his clanmate root out Baltia, while he demands Aeolus and Yopple to explain why they are here. The two tell him about how they need cassares to prevent the human's magic and how if humans with their ability to work around obstacles like the Spell will eventually get to the clan, if they are left uncheck. Salvo says that he'll consider the offer and tells the outsiders to leave. So Aeolus, Yopple, and Baltia take to the air and the latter of the three tries to get into the horde by telling Aeolus about how she's good at distracting others and messing with them. They make sure that she promises not to mess with the horde and not to do anything that'll cost the horde greatly before they warp back to the lake.

There Aeolus introduces the newest members to the horde as well as inform them that Salvo's clan may or not join the horde. A few members express their concern about the cassares, but the leader solves them with solutions. He then sends Tavurth to bring Axle over to him, so that he can hear his side of the story and see if Dracul has told some truths and/or lies. After that, he informs the horde about Atlas and the Shadow Wind dragons being human-friendly and tells them to keep their true mission a secret at all times under their presence. Then Tavurth finally comes back with Axle and the others. Aeolus gets him to talk and learns that Dracul had only told half-truths about the prince. So the horde leader decides to help the dragon lords, only so that he can learn Shadow Wind's layout and destroy it in the future after the horde has reached army size. Aeolus tells Atlas to leave her nieces over at Doubloon's village for their protection until Dracul is overthrown. Once she has done so, Atlas and Axle teleport back over to Shadow Wind, while Aeolus gets his horde to start training under Juna and Mekarth. But Juna refuses to do so as the lake isn't large enough for training and she doesn't trust the horde leader. So Aeolus gets the magi dragons to teleport them over to the Eternal Wind clan's village, where they can train in the desert.

There, Aeolus gets the horde to spar with each other to sharpen up their skills to fight other dragons until Juna decides to teach them. In the meantime, he chooses Kekul and Cirrus to go with him to see his cousin, Gneiss. Kekul teleports the trio over to the Gallion clan's woods. There, Aeolus must challenge Gneiss for leadership of the clan before he can recruit them into the horde. So the two cousins fight each other until Aeolus knocks the clan leader out with his lightning breath to the mouth. The horde leader uses CPR to revive Gneiss, who then makes him the victor and grants him the position of clan leader. Aeolus notices that some of the Gallion clan members are outsiders and Gneiss introduces each one to him. Aeolus decides to take only those whose abilities are worthy of being in the horde, while the others must stay to defend the clan's territory. Kekul teleport the group, along with the chosen clan members, back to the desert.

There, Aeolus learns that Yopple had injured Eatorn during sparring. The horde leader is about to scold the cassare, when Juna comes to tell him to bring a few horde members with him to the cave to see if the horde is worthy of Shadow Wind training. After she leaves, Aeolus scolds Yopple before he chooses him and a few others to go with him to the cave. There, Juna gives them a test in that they must hit her 7 times in order for the entire horde to be trained. She leaves into the darkness and Aeolus gets Yopple, the only one in the group who can see in the darkness, to lead them to Juna. A little while later, they finally found her by smell and proceed to try and ambush her with their breaths. It doesn't work as she as nocturnal vision to see in the dark, so the group uses light to expose to their vision for the chance to hit her. When Juna is still evading their attacks, Aeolus has Yopple teleport to her with his fire aura to burn her. The trick works and he scores a hit on her, but it's not over yet as they still need to attack her some more. Juna flees again and the horde goes to chase after her to a pool where she dives in it. Aeolus tries to shock her by breathing lightning into the water, but she is untouched as the water has no minerals. So the horde leader then sends his tornado into the water to create a whirlpool to drag her out. Together with Yopple, they both go to look for Juna and attack her. But then she takes him by surprise by tackling him into the whirlpool, but not before Aeolus breathes lightning at her, which bounced around the whirlpool and hit her multiple times. Then the whirlpool throws her out into the wall and knocks her unconscious. Yopple dispels the whirlpool and brings Juna back to the surface, where the group learns they they succeeded in landing all seven hits. Aeolus has Yopple teleport them out of the cave as the test is over.

Gneiss and Selenite takes Juna over to El-Naise's cave to rest, while the rest of the group returns to the horde to tell others about the completion of the test. Then they all take a break from training, during which they meet an Eternal Wind clan member by the name of Raven. Aeolus tells him about Rina, who like Raven, is also looking for other survivors of the clan. After Raven finishes his business at the village, Aeolus has Kekul teleport him over to Rina. Later at night, Aeolus and Gneiss out their human transformation spells and learn how to move as humans.

The next morning, Aeolus, Bam and Yopple go out to search for breakfast before getting news that Juna has been captured by a human working for Dracul. Aeolus inquires the witnesses and the former dragon lords about the kidnapper's abilities and weaknesses. Then he devises a plan to send pygmy spies over to the prison to help Juna find her way out and to spy on Dracul's forces. But this plan never comes to fruition as Dracul's forces have managed to deflect the tracking spell over to the ocean. So the horde decides to spar for now until a good plan comes to mind.

But soon, Juna manages to escape prison and Aeolus sends Kekul to retrieve her and the other prisoners she had found. Then he hears from Rina telepathically that she found out from Raven that his horde plans to kill all humans. She declares herself his enemy as she will not allow any genocide of a sentient species. In turn, Aeolus vows to take her down should they ever fight. Then he goes to spar against Firefry during the horde's training exercise until Juna summons him over to bring Hewey with him. He meets a dragoness named Akil, who escapes Dracul's prison with help of a human friend who sacrificed himself. They fight each other for a bit to see if Aeolus is worthy of having his horde trained, but then Akil deems him a failure for using his powers too much. Aeolus doesn't worry about that too much as he can always sends spies to watch Dracul's forces and learn their moves. He gives his horde a break and then he goes out to eat.

Aeolus teleports himself to the river where he eats some flamingos. Then he hears from Uvanis that Arch and his human soldiers attacked Doubloon's village and kidnapped Atlas's nieces as well as killed three of the horde members staying there. When Dracul breaks the truce to spare the village, Aeolus sends Yopple and two of the spring dragons to capture Dracul and charge him for all the crimes he has committed. He also tells Uvanis to spy on how Dracul fights. Then he tells Atlas the bad news that Danielle and Kylie have been kidnapped. She tells him to save her nieces as she needs to save Axle. As Bam and Akil meets him at the river, Aeolus hears from Jarilo that her team has successfully captured Dracul. He tells them to take him and Doubloon to the lake, where Dracul's trial will be held at. On the downside, Uvanis was found dead, having been killed by Dracul, so all intel on the dragon lord is lost. Then Aeolus tells Akil and Juna about Dracul's capture and then they go to the lake. There, he learns from Doubloon that now it's Arch attacking the village. Aeolus plans to capture him too, but Juna tells him is risky as punishing the two lords would result in Shadow Wind going into war with the entire continent of Solomos. With the horde not being strong enough to fight and not wanting other dragons involved against their will, Aeolus has Yopple send Dracul far away. Then Aeolus is contacted by Eitri about how he and other villagers got captured and how Verona rescued him and gave him a squad to save the prisoners-turned slaves. Aeolus also learns about Lucian, who is being forced to side with the corrupt lords and give them their enemies' locations. So Aeolus focuses on rescuing the villagers with one team, consisting of Kekul, Jarilo and Evony, to rescue the villagers back at Doubloon's village and another team to aid Eitri and his squad in saving the prisoners. Kekul's team does a job well done and Doubloon is grateful for the horde's help before he is teleported over to Windfall, where his people have been warped to.


Akil - Aeolus's daughter. He is disliked by her.

Atlas - A friend and fellow slave of Aeolus before she got purchased and taken to Rudvich.

Baltia - Their first encounter has made Aeolus see her as nearly worthless, but he's willing to give her a chance to see if she can be useful to the horde and get past her expectations.

Bam - Aeolus's cheerful cousin.

Dracul - At first, Dracul had made himself out to be a good dragon trying to stop a supposed villain named Axle. But then after being told the truth by Atlas, Aeolus becomes disgusted with Dracul and vows to have the dragon lord overthrown from his position and imprisoned in Solomos.

Juna - Aeolus appears to be disliked by Juna for having unwittingly helped Dracul to subdue her brothers. Aeolus is also aware of her love for humans, so he hides his horde's motives from her to prevent a war with Shadow Wind that would halt his campaign.

Mekarth -

Pyro - A new recruit who joined into the Vulture horde. Aeolus sees his magic-nullifying abilities very useful to the horde's cause.

Rina - A dragoness that Aeolus met during the Spell. He feels pity for her annihilation of her clan. Now they are enemies who will fight over the fate of humanity.

Sargoth - A recruited dragon who has vine and earth powers that Aeolus finds useful

Yopple - One of the horde dragons. Aeolus finds him useful for his anti-magic field, magical abilities and teleportation.

Zeditha - A temporary recruit who joined the Vulture horde until she discovered Aeolus's atrocities towards the humans. She opposes his genocidal mission. Aeolus vows to have the human infant, that Zeditha rescued and adopted, killed the next time they meet.


  • Zeditha technically wouldn't be the first time someone leaves the Vulture Horde. Back in the first and original RP, a dragon named Taylor turned against Aeolus after he threatened young Nick's life. But this betrayal costed the traitor's life.

Other Artwork of him Edit

Aeoleous Request

Drawn by senna55 from DeviantArt.