Atlas Firestar (First War version) shaded

A picture of Atlas drawn on Colors 3D.

Atlas Firestar is a powerful magi dragoness, who has won every dragon tournament she has been put in. She is 361 years old and is sister to the deceased Flarina and aunt to hatchlings: Danielle and Kylie. She is 16 feet in height and is 28 feet in length (I'm not sure exactly how long she is; it's just an estimated guess.) She was born in the desert region of Solomos and has temporary settled in Rudvich to get revenge on the hybrid race and their creators for the death of her sister.


She’s a fearsome warrior who fights with courage and brute strength until the foe is defeated or dead. She’s also stubborn, short-tempered, and slow to trust her enemies, humans, and hybrids unless they do something that’ll change her opinion on them. Her good side is that she always rushes in to fight for those who can’t protect themselves and those who can, and being friendly towards hatchlings. She can't to stand see any of her friends or innocent people get hurt, so fight she will. Even though she hates humans who aren't dragon-friendly, she is above killing those who can't fight and will instead scare them off with her ferocity as seen in the first chapter of Dragon Rage: The First War.

In UberCatSR's edition , it is shown that Atlas has no tolerance for criminals, especially when they do wrong to her. 

Because of Flarina's past at the lab and being killed by Ramkot, Atlas has developed a prejudiced hatred against the hybrids and will indiscriminately kill them if they attack anyone to prevent others like her sister from dying.


Atlas is capable of using five different elements as well as teleportation. The elements are fire, ice, wind, earth, and light. So far, this is what she is only capable of as she was trained in this elements to work as well as fight. Although she learned teleportation during her mid-100s, she couldn't use it until the Spell happened. Later, she learns from Axle on how to transform herself into a human. But because she is new to transformation spell, Atlas is unused to walking upright on two legs and may get the details wrong. For examples, a flaw in skeletal structure which prevents her from bending over or clothes being attached to the skin. As the RP progresses, Atlas may come across some spells which she can learn to use; the only element she can't use is darkness.

Fire MagicEdit

This element is Atlas's greatest specialty as she is a pro in this field.he can use the fire stream spell to direct her stream of fire in any direction she controls to go and she can also shape it into any form she wants. She can use the fire aura spell to engulf her entire body in flames to protect herself and burn enemies who touch her. She can also cast fire aura on her friends to protect them as well without burning them. Atlas can also cast fire balls and even charge up a powerful fire beam to blast and burn her enemies.

Ice MagicEdit

Atlas can cast ice needles to sting her foes and freeze a small part of their insides where the needles touch. She can also use the ice aura spell to shroud herself in icy clouds to freeze enemies who come into contact with her aura. She can build walls of ice to trap enemies or use them to shield herself. Atlas's ice spears are stronger than her ice needles spells and are capable of impaling a foe. Her ice beam, which is more like an ice elemental version of a lightning bolt, zaps foes and covers them in frost; the spell may give them a nasty frostbite. Her ice balls vary in size, 6-foot diameter being the largest. Lastly, she can create a blizzard mixed with ice needles to chill and stab her foes at the same time.

Wind MagicEdit

The wind aura spell engulfs Atlas with strong winds to blow away her foes and keep them from getting near her. Her wind blades fly really fast and can slash her enemies; it can even be added to nearly all her wind spells for more devastating effect. The wind beam spell is a tornado that blows against an enemy with a powerful force until he/she gets knocked back on the ground or wall.

Earth MagicEdit

With her earth barrier, Atlas is shielded by a thick rocky dome for the best defense. She can even use her earth magic to shift the ground's formation such as digging holes underground and making tunnels or separating the earth and then closing it back up again. Her earth spears can pierce just like the ice spears, but they are harder.

Light MagicEdit

Possiblty Atlas's strongest element. Her light aura covers Atlas's whole body in a flash so blinding, that opponents can't be able to look at her without their eyes getting hurt. The main offensive spell of this element is the light lasers spell which burns an enemy when it. Her devasting light beam is the most powerful attack that is said to either obliterate or leave an endurable enemy badly wounded.


Before the SpellEdit

Atlas and her sister, Flarina, used to live happily together with their family in the Solomese desert before their parents were killed by hunters and the sisters were captured to be sold into slavery. Some point later in time, the sisters meet a disaster dragon named Aeolus. It was during this time that the slaver forced Atlas and Aeolus to breed together, so that they can produce an egg for him to sell on the market to other slavers. At the end of their time under Aeolus's master, the Firestar sisters were inherited by the master's son and were taken over to Northeast Rudvich. There the sisters were separated when another human slave master bought Flarina and took her away.

The SpellEdit

After winning through many rounds in the annual dragon death match tournament; Atlas gets into a fight with a bleeding moon dragon until Aeolus gives them the call to unleash the Spell. After destroying her slave owner's family, she threatens Nick before he tells her to leave. Having better things to do, Atlas teleports to Tristan's (her slaver) home, where her fellow slaves are rebelling and frees Snively out of his prison. With her task done, Atlas goes off to meet up with her family in the woods, but then she gets a distressed call from Flarina saying that hybrids pursuing them.

In a rush to get to her family fast, Atlas flies out of the city and attacks the hybrids, who have just killed John, Flarina's brother-in-law. Together with Darkness, who arrived at the scene after Ramkot poisons his mother, the dragonesses eliminate the hybrids until Ramkot is left. Atlas sees that her sister has finally succumbed to the poison and becomes furious as she casts a devasting light beam spell to obliterate her nephew. Then she sees Danielle and Kylie, who tries in vain to wake up their dead parents. Darkness suggests Atlas to tell sisters that they're dead like the hybrids they killed in front of them. So the magi relunctantly tells her nieces this, but also twists the truth to have them believe that their parents are still alive in spirit among the stars. The hatchlings buy this and Atlas takes them to their new home in a spring cave where they eat dinner before bed.

Journey to the Northwest RegionEdit

The next morning, Atlas goes to the lab to destroy the building, along with the scientists and their creations. But upon arrival, she finds the building has been in a damaged stated. At first she thinks it was the slaves who wrecked the place inside and out. But upon seeing the skeletons of everyone, including those of dragons, inside the lab, she realizes that a hybrid must have gone on its blood-crazed rampage years ago. She investigates the lab to see if there are any hybrids around. She finds a golden dragonet named Akuma whom she talks with before he leaves and she destroys the interior of the lab with fire magic. After her work is done, she goes outside and finds a hybrid boy, whom she learns is Akuma. She proceeds to chase and try to kill him. When they enter the rebuilding city of Windfall, Nick, Rika, Albel, and Fayt fight her off to save the boy's life. Then Astyn and Darkness join the fray against the magi, much to her shock and disbelief. Nick wounds her by casting rock pikes into her while telling her all the atrocities he has seen from the three races and that the hybrids have shown goodness to him. Atlas tells him that the hybrids only did this because they were human like him, but Fayt rebukes her saying that hybrids were more draconic than human and that she had been attacking her "kin", which Atlas finds to be an insult to the pure-blood dragon race. Then she asks the dragonesses if the hybrids ever did anything good for them and Darkness replies that they don't need to do any favors as she accepts hybrids for who they are and not for the actions they can't control. Seeing that her enemies will defend the innocent hybrids, Atlas gives them two warnings: 1) if she finds any hybrids who lies about their good, there will be no mercy next time, and 2) she'll leave the good ones alone from now on, but the bad ones will definitely die. Then she teleports out of the city.

In the woods, she's healed by a white dragonet, who finds Atlas licking her wounds. The magi warns her about the hybrids lurking around the city, to which the hatchling says she'll stay away from. After thanking the dragonet, Atlas telepathically calls her friends to ask them where she could find a safe place for Danielle and Kylie to live away from the hybrids. They tell her about the Northwest region and decides to make the journey there, but first she must destroy the hybrid lab to keep the humans from getting any ideas on making more hybrids. She goes back to Windfall and goes to the gas station for the fuel she'll needs to blow up the building. The humans find her stealing the gasoline and a mage attempts to attack her, but he is killed by Atlas. She angrily tells the citizens that if they try to attack her or any other dragons, then she'll kill them. Then she leaves Windfall and douses the lab with fuel and completely demolishes the building. She rests for a bit before she goes back to the cave to pick up her nieces.

During the start of their journey, the family gets a telepathic distress call from Darkness. Atlas leaves her nieces in a tree before she goes to look for the dragoness to see what she can do. There she counters Chi next to Darkness and accuses the hybrid of harming the dragoness, until Darkness tells her that it was a hunter who has harmed her. Then Akuma comes in and mockingly calls Atlas a "psychotic bitch". The magi yells at him to go play with his "pet" rat, to which the talking creature takes offense to and threatens her to leave. Atlas realizes the animal's voice belongs to that of Nick and attempts a fight with him, but Darkness breaks the conflict before it starts and tells them to settle this another time. So the magi decides not to waste her time with her enemy and takes her nieces to continue on with their journey. She telepathically warns her friends, including Snively, about the humans' new weapons and for them to be careful at all times.

After traveling for a while, the Firestars land and take a rest until Danielle sees Henry unconscious in the distance. The magi tells her nieces to take cover, while she investigates the human to see if he was hostile or not. The boy wakes up in a suprised goofy fashion and Atlas questions him as to why he's armed with a bow and arrows. Henry fidgets as he tries to remember why he's equipped and why the dragoness is here, as he doesn't see many dragons around the area. Ignoring the boy's quirkiness, Atlas asks him if he has any medical supplies as she has been wounded from a hunter attack earlier. Henry says he has some, but they were at home with his "pot sister", Yukki. The magi pities the boy for having to live with an abusive sibling, but he tells her that his sister wasn't all that bad as she was just a tsundere. Then after Atlas tells him about her journey and the hybrids, she introduces her nieces to Henry. Now that they were hungry, Henry decides to take them to his house. There she meets his abusive sister, who hurts her brother for being stupid, much to Atlas's anger and her nieces's shock. After Yukki treats her injuries, Atlas takes Henry out to the nearest city to buy some groceries.

Atlas's 3rd degree burns

Atlas's 3rd degree burns caused by the vampire dragons' dark flames mixing with her fire aura.

When night falls, they enter the city and finds that it has been destroyed and occupied by dragons as the new ruling residents. Atlas drops Henry at the supermarket and waits outside for his return. Soon she gets bored and looks through the window to find the boy getting attacked by a horde of vampire dragons. She breaks through the building to rescue Henry from becoming a meal and attack the horde with her light laser spells, but not without getting badly burned by their dark flames first. The wounded vampires retreat and decide to let Henry live until the next time they see them when they will kill him, no matter who's in their way. Soon, a group of dragons, including their chief, arrives at the parking lot outside and accuses Henry of harming Atlas, who they assume to be his slave. The magi angrily refutes them and tells them that it was vampires that did this to her. The chief apologizes for their accusation and then a white dragon comes and heals Atlas and Henry of all their burns and wounds. Atlas suggests the boy to wait until tomorrow morning to get the groceries he left inside as vampire dragons are inactive during the day. But the chief and another dragon called Flame generously escorts Henry inside the grocery store to retrieve the goods. Once that was done, Atlas teleports herelf and the boy back to Yukki's home. Later that night, Atlas sleeps outside while she hears her nieces having a good time seeing Henry in feminine outfits forced on by Yukki.

After breakfast next morning, the Firestars say goodbye to the siblings and they flew off to resume their journey. Another day later, they come across a refugee being destroyed by a horde of dragons. One of the dragons comments that the world would be better off without creatures such as humans. Atlas agrees until she remembers Henry and Yukki and knows that they don't deserve to die, even if some other dragons think otherwise. So to protect them, Atlas teleports her tracking spell on to them, so that she can go rescue them whenever they were in danger.

Armored Atlas

Atlas in the ancient armor belonging to the Fire Castle's soldiers.

Later, they take a pit stop in a huge clearing where Atlas feels magic energy radiating from underground. Curious as to what it is, she uses her earth magic to unearth the source and discovers the ancient Castle of Fire. The family goes inside to check the place out. They explore places like the armory and the library, where Atlas teaches her nieces how to read and learn the history  and culture of the castle.

When the family becomes hungry, Atlas goes out to hunt for food. She catches a squirrel, but then a halfling thief steals her kill. The angry magi gives chase, but the thief throws pepper bombs into her eyes and causes her to fall after she blindly crashes into a tree. A wind dragoness named Rina comes across the scene and checks to see if the magi is okay. After Atlas has washed the pepper spray out of her eyes, Rina asks her what happened and the magi tells her that the thief stole her prey. Rina tells her where the halfling flew off and then they go after him. They caught the thief by encasing nearly his whole body in ice, but it was too late to stop him from eating the squirrel. Atlas was about to lay the pain on him it, but Rina stops her and suggests to have the halfling catch her another squirrel. So Atlas forces the halfling to do his job and hunt. As the two of them leave, Rina telepathically asks the magi if she knows anyone from the Eternal Wind clan. The magi denies having seen them, but she wishes her good luck on finding them.

After over an hour, the halfling becomes tired of hunting as he couldn't find an animal in the forest. Atlas yells at him for being a lousy hunter and the two start to bicker. The halfling argues that he doesn't have a sharp nose as dragons do and that he couldn't buy traps or dogs either as he never got to go to school and is undeemable for employment because of this reason and being a halfling. Then he find a doe nearby, catches it, and tries to kill it, but he gets thrown off. Atlas is disappointed with his failure, so she goes in and kills the deer herself. Once again, she calls him a lousy hunter for not being able to kill one single animal. That's when the halfling yells about how no one was there to support him, because both dragons and humans didn't want anything to do with him. Because of this, he had to steal for survival. Atlas feels half-pity for the man, but doesn't want to help him after what he did to her today. So instead she teleports the halfling over to Windfall in hopes that Nick and his friends would take care of him. The magi kills the hawk in the air next, and warps back to the castle with it, the rabbit it killed, the doe, and the blackberries. The Firestar family eats before the sisters play with each other while Atlas reads more books.

When nightfalls, Atlas gets a telepathic conversation from Aeolus in her sleep. He invites her to the Vulture Horde, but she turns him down as she needs to take care of her nieces who were orphaned by the hybrids, which they express their loathing of. After Aeolus expresses his sympathy towards Atlas over Flarina's death, he requests her to invite some of her friends to his horde. Atlas says she'll do it and see if they're interested.

The Dragon Lords of Shadow WindEdit

The next morning, Atlas gives Aeolus a disappointing news that none of her friends want to be in the Vulture Horde. She also tells him that one of her friends is living in Windfall, to which they both comment on how it was a bad idea for dragons to start living with the humans too soon, after the violent rebellion against them. Then after their conversation is over, the magi goes out to find breakfast for herself and her nieces. When she kills a deer for Danielle, Atlas gets bumped into by Cloud, who is being pursued by his enemy, Marc. Cloud asks for a place where he and his charge, Axle, can stay for the night. Atlas teleports them and the deer to the main hall of the Castle of Fire, while she warps back to the same destroyed city from yesterday. She fits herself into the grocery store to search for some human food to feed her guests. Luckily for her, the vampire dragons are asleep and cannot be woken by sound or touch until nightfall.

After she collects the junk food, Atlas gets a distress call from Danielle about there being a bad guy in the castle. She immediately returns back to the castle where she finds Cloud, Marc, and most of the Knight Riders of Darkness dead. She also finds that the pillars supporting the castle have been cut down and that the castle will immediately start collapsing. Atlas uses her telepathy to check to see if Axle and her nieces are alright before she teleports over to them to rescue them. After saving Kylie and Axle from the remaining members of Marc's group, Atlas warps everyone, including Cloud's body, over to the destroyed city. There they look after their guests and the magi scolds Danielle for leaving her sister behind and the whiptail whines about Kylie slowing her down and their pursuers coming closer. Then they see Axle waking up and healing himself before he falls down unconscious again. The magi calls the city's white dragon to come over and help the shapeshifter. The white dragon comes an hour later and goes to help Axle. He finds the man without a scratch, but uses his healing magic on him just in case. Then the sisters noticed how the white dragon didn't heal Cloud and questions him on it. The white dragon tells them that the human is dead, but Atlas distracts her nieces with a lie about Cloud being off into the stars and that the white dragon was just worried. Then Atlas takes Cloud and goes outside. The white dragon asks her why she lied and Atlas told him that she didn't want her nieces to be depressed knowing that their parents were dead like Cloud was. The white dragon leaves and Atlas makes a burial for Cloud.

After a short while, Axle wakes up and tells Atlas who he is and how Marc was hired by Spinx the necromancer to kill him and prevent him from going to Trident Mountain to place a special triangular object there. Knowing Spinx's capability to summon zombies and hire mercenaries, Atlas decides to go with Axle and protect him in Cloud's stead, despite having her nieces to take care of. But before they can go, Axle goes outside to perform the Shadow Wind tradition for his friend. Atlas takes this time to teach her nieces how to flee from bad people without leaving Kylie behind. She lets them practice that so that they can get an idea what to do the next time they encounter danger. Pretty soon, the family smells the blood of a slain bandit outside and Axle comes back inside to warn them that Spinx was coming. Atlas takes her nieces and leaves with Axle, but not without him performing the final part of the Shadow Wind tradition.

Human Atlas

Atlas as a Solomese woman.

After travelling miles, the group lands to rest where they spot a pair of hunters in the woods. Atlas gets Axle to teach her how to transform into a human to avoid trouble with the humans and get a chance at going to their settlement to rest. After learning how to transform, the hunters meet them and everything goes true as planned. But the group never got to the camp as the messenger drake, Sirath, tells Axle about the fate of his home city and his family. Depressed about the recent event, Axle tells Atlas everything about himself and the city like how he's one of the dragon lords, the history of his tyrannical uncle, and how the soul spheres work. Then he lets Atlas take whatever decision she wants to make from here on out. The magi decides to be Axle's replacement body guard and help him get to Trident Mountain. After she mentions herself being a dragon champion, Axle tells her that she's famous in Shadow Wind and realizes that this will give Spinx more of a reason to hunt them down. At this point, Spinx ambushes them and shoots Axle with a poisoned arrow. He tells how he caught up with them by flying on the back of his undead drake. Then he brings out the deceased dragon lords, Eve and Trok, to fight. Atlas teleports her nieces and Axle away to the spring cave while she goes to fight the necromancer and his two zombies. Eve casts a Seal spell around the area to keep Atlas from ever escaping the fight. Spinx tells her how the lords are very hard to kill, Atlas is not discouraged at all as she's pretty sure of herself that she will beat them. The fight goes on with Atlas getting chained to the ground, using her earth magic to hide underground, saving herself from Eve's flood, and finally getting trapped in a bone box made by Spinx as the Seal spell closes in on her. Spinx senses Axle coming and ends the fight with him escaping away. The Seal spell is dispelled and Axle frees Atlas from her cage and the chains. He reminds her that she's got nieces to take care and that she's their family, not him. Atlas starts to feel guilty about her recklessness and realizes that the Seal spell's ability to shrink down and leave no room to move could have costed her life and rob her nieces of their only caretaker. They teleport back to the spring cave to rest.

At the cave, Atlas tells her nieces that she would get some food for them after she rests. Then a black dragon named Mekarth flies inside and growls at human!Atlas accusingly of harming his brother. Axle tells his brother what happened before the Firestars, with Atlas transformed back into a dragon, introduce themselves to Mekarth. Then when Atlas sees the white dragon bleeding, Mekarth instructs her to use her fire spell to seal the wound. After she touches Axle's wound with her to heal it, Atlas shares with Mekarth about how she met his brother and Cloud before Merkath takes a nap, while she goes into the hot spring to heal.

Later that night, the Vulture Horde, along with Dracul and Arch, invades the spring cave and attacks the two brothers. When Mekarth mentions Dracul being inside the cave, Atlas attempts to kill him, but Tavurth the brute dragon tackles her and holds her against the wall. Atlas tries to fight him off and free herself with magic, but she's unable to cast anything, thanks to Pyro's anti-magic field. After the dragon lords fall down the cliff fighting, Aeolus enters the cave and tries to talk sense into the magi to leave Axle the supposed villain. But Atlas tells him that Dracul's the real villain and that he's lied to Aeolus, so that he can kill his nephews. Aeolus starts to have doubts about Dracul and listens to her story about Axle, before scolding her for putting her nieces in harm's way for the sake of getting Axle to Trident Mountain. Now that the horde leader has heard that Axle isn't all that bad, he decides to end his support for Dracul and get his horde to help the brothers. But something seems to have gone wrong when Atlas sees a worried look on her friend's face. Just then, a silver dragoness by the name of Juna enters the cave and asks for the whereabouts of her brothers. That's when Eitri's team returns with the wounded and unconscious body of Mekarth, much to the Firestars' shock and Juna's anger. Then Lutarn's group came back with Axle, who is in the same condition as his brother. Hewey goes to heal the brothers right away, while Aeolus tries to ask Atlas how Axle is able to turn into a human. When the magi tries to answer, she gets interrupted by Juna's frantic worrying over Axle not healing himself. Atlas tells Aeolus that they can talk about this later as the dragon lord family needs help. The magi goes over to Juna in an attempt to comfort her and answers the girl's concern over her brother by telling her that Spinx caused him to be unable to heal. When Aeolus hears about Spinx, he tells Atlas that Spinx was working with Dracul. Then Juna and Atlas talk about the necromancer's skills and his zombie dragon lords. Aeolus asks for the magi's forgiveness as he should have known that Dracul was evil, when he had a human working for him. But Atlas and Juna tell him that not all of mankind are terrible and tell stories about the good humans in their lives. Aeolus reluctantly accepts that there might be good humans after all, but still believes that most are evil. When he asks if Axle's family rules over humans, Juna tells her that the dragon lords are only protectors of Shadow Wind and tells of the city's ancient history. Then suddenly, everyone sees the forest is on fire and Atlas assumes that it must be the work of an irresponsible dragon, so she goes outside to put the flames out. She works together with the waterhorses and a gray dragon from Windfall to douse out the fires. After the waterhorses and gray dragon combine their powers to create rain of the forest to end the spreading fire for good, Atlas gets an urgent message from Aeolus telling her that Spinx was the one behind the fires and tells her to return to the cave quickly. Before Atlas teleports, she hears footsteps and casts a light aura to find that it was a lone girl. She quickly runs away before the magi warps back to the spring cave. Aeolus gives the mental image of the horde's camp to Atlas, before she teleports everyone there.

Once in Solomos, Aeolus telepathically asks the magi about the transformation spell, so that he can use it to spy on humans and spare the good ones from the genocide on the bad ones. Atlas, happy that her friend has changed for the better or so she thought, tells him how to change into a human. After Aeolus thanks her for helping to save the lives of innocents that way, their telepathic connection ends and Juna calls Atlas a backstabber for telling Axle's spell to Aeolus. She warns that if Aeolus was using the spell for malicious purposes, then Atlas and her friends won't be anywhere near Juna or her brothers again as Axle does not look too kindly on betrayal. The magi defends herself saying that Aeolus wanted to use the spell to learn about human individuals. Juna then leaves, saying that she will keep Atlas's conversation with Aeolus a secret until the horde threatens Windfall.

After the Vulture Horde leaves to attack the army camp, Atlas is about to get some sleep, when Juna returns and needs to talk with her privately. The magi tells her nieces to go back to sleep before she goes with Juna to talk about the Vulture Horde. Juna wants to know what they're really after and Atlas once again says that they'll start sparing good ones and destroy only the bad ones. Juna nods before going to sleep with her brothers, Atlas goes back to her nieces and sleeps wondering why the dragoness lord is suspicious of the horde leader.

Next morning, the Firestar family eats the breakfast given to them by Axle. But it was all consisted of a deer and a pig, leaving the herbivore Kylie nothing to eat. So Atlas goes and gets her some grandillas. As the family eat, they saw Axle and Juna arguing with each other before it escalates into a fight, which ends up with Axle having his arm broken. The worried Atlas goes over to Axle and asks if he was alright. He tells her that it was just nothing as things like that happened on a regular basis. Then Mekarth says to her that the reason his siblings fight was to see if they can protect themselves. But this time it seemed to be in a completely different topic. Wanting to know what was going on, Atlas telepathically asks Juna. The silver dragoness comes over and tells her that the fight was about the Firestars being involved with Axle. The magi feels ashamed knowing that Aeolus wasn't the only one upset with her about this.

Then Axle tells Atlas how to counter Lord Trok's seal spell before he and his siblings decided to train her in her human form, so that she can be capable fighting as a smaller and hard-to-hit target. First, she rides standing on Mekarth in the air as she casts fireball spells to fight off against Axle and Juna. When she passes that test, Axle then trains her to walk and run as a human. During that time, Bam comes and mistakes them for humans. They transform back to dragons to save themselves. After Bam leaves, Juna and Mekarth rejoin them are getting ready to talk about Shadow Wind, when Tavurth comes to inform them that Aeolus wants to hear from Axle his story. So they return to the lake where Aeolus asks Axle everything like if he really was slave master and a killer of Crimsrion. After hearing the truth, the horde decides to aid Axle in liberating Shadow Wind. Aeolus suggests Atlas to take her nieces over to the village where he started the horde. There she meets Chief Doubloon and leaves her nieces in the village's care. Then she returns back to the lake and teleports Axle and herself to the spring cave to resume their journey.

Quest to Trident Mountain Edit

Outside the spring cave, they meet Garin the halfling and Ohimia the lumina dragoness. Ohimia tells them that she had her throat ripped by Albel before being healed by Nick. Angry, that a hybrid has tried to murder another dragon, Atlas decides to take punish him by death. Axle tries to stop her, reminding her that she's got a mission to help him get to Trident Mountain, but Atlas ignores him and promises to make the hybrid die quickly. So uses a tracking spell to locate Albel and teleports over to him. There, she gets into a fight with both him and Fayt. Her fire magic proves ineffective against Albel, so she uses light magic instead. The hybrid brothers defend themselves with their obsidian attack created by their respective breaths, while the magi continues to attack. At the end of the fight, she warps Albel away to the lab ruins and teleports him to the sky where she can give him a death by fall. But suddenly, her tracking spell she placed on Henry, gives her a vision of him being chased by a horde of dragons. She wanted to stay and watch Albel die, but she needs to save Henry and she didn't want to keep Axle waiting any longer, so she teleports over to the boy first.

After saving Henry's life, Atlas brags to Axle on how she killed Albel. But to her chagrin, the hybrid telepathically tells her that he's still alive. Atlas tells Axle to heal her before she goes back to fight, but the dragon lord refuses as she had disregarded her nieces and that she's going to lose for going into a fight blindly. Then the magi tells him the reason of her animosity towards hybrids was because what Ramkot and some other hybrids did to Flarina before her death. Axle sees her in tears and decides to forgive her for now. After healing her, they decide to take a rest before going back on their quest.

A little while later, Atlas hears roaring from the forest below and goes down to check. She finds Axles fighting and killing a vine dragon, while he himself is injured. The magi goes over to the white dragon, who then changes into his human form and cries from the intense pain he feels while getting weaker. Because his magic isn't working, Atlas teleports him over to the Vulture Horde to get Hewey to heal him. The healer dragon heals all of Axle's wounds, but it appears to be too late to save his life. Atlas blames herself for not arriving on time to save him, but then Kekul and a spring dragoness tell her that she can save his life by doing CPR. So Atlas performs this on Axle until he wakes up. With him back, they teleport back to Rudvich. Atlas asks him why he fought the vine dragon and it is learned that the dead woman named Valinora was Axle's adopted daughter. She had been killed by the vine dragon, who was a member of Dracul's forces. Then suddenly, Atlas hears a distress call from a mysterious relative, but she is unable to help as she didn't know who the dragoness was or where she was at. Then Axle swears revenge against Dracul and hurries up to Trident Mountain. Atlas is disturbed and finds that to be out of character for him.

At night, Atlas checks up on her nieces through telepathy and finds that they're liking the village so far. Then an arrow almost hits Axle. He tells Atlas to stay as he goes to look for his attacker, but the magi secretly follows him anyway. She soon finds a family of three vampires, one woman and two girls, who lured the banished lord, just so they can deliver the message and then eat him. Atlas was about to rescue Axle, but he tells her to stay out of this as the vampires are his problem alone. The man fights the family with ease, using the weapons he stole from them for powers. Each use of the weapons' magic cut him every time he uses them. Wounded from the overuse of them, the mother takes her chance to attack him. Atlas goes to save Axle, but Arch mysteriously appears and beats her to it. He is displeased with the vampires' attempt to kill Axle and tortuously attacks them. Axle saves their lives, much to Atlas's appall. Arch decides to spare him for now as he needs the man alive and teleports away. Atlas inquires from Violet the vampire girl on why Arch needs Axle alive. Violet tells her that if they don't get to Trident Mountain in 24 hours, then Akil will be forced into Dracul's dreaded games. Then Violet's mother gets mad at her and tries to attack the girl, but she is defended by Axle. The woman and her other daughter, Ice, take leave and vow revenge against them. Then Axle tells Atlas that Violet is going to join their group and they go back to their original place and leave the girl as their night guard.

The next day, the trio resume their trip to Trident Mountain. On the way, the two dragons take a break and do some hunting, since they haven't ate breakfast since departure. Atlas receives a telepathic message from Ohimia and Garin, who want to join the group. She warns them that there will be danger along the way, but they insist on coming with them. So with Axle's permission, Atlas takes them into her group. While waiting for Axle to return, Atlas inquires Ohimia on how her training went and the lumina tells her that it's been going good. So Atlas decides to test her out with some sparring. The magi wins, but acknowledges the lumina's capability and offers to help her improve.

Once Axle returns, Violet notices his troubled expression and tells Atlas to see what's up with him. So Atlas takes Axle away for a private talk, while leaving Ohimia and Garin to keep an eye on Violet. She learns that Axle is uncertain about whether to retake Shadow Wind from Dracul and the other corrupted lords or leave it after overthrowing them. During this conversation, Atlas hears from Rina via telepathy that Aeolus has lied about changing his stance on humans and is still planning to kill them all. The magi is unsure about whether to believe her as she's known Aeolus to always tell the truth. She shares what she heard with Axle and they both plan to talk to Aeolus about it later. They rejoin the others and resume their trip to Trident Mountain.

On the way, Axle tells everyone about Spinx's history on how he used to be a good man who used his necromancy to help people and save lives until his corruption, probably due to soul bounding with an evil dragon. Axle and his drake partner were sent to stop him, but ultimately, they were defeated and Axle was told by his partner to use his remaining magic energy to heal himself, which ended up leaving her dead. After the story is over, everyone lands and Axle tells Atlas to stay behind. Atlas refuses as she doesn't want to leave him alone to get hurt again. So Axle is forced to knock her out for her own safety while he's gone.


Aeolus -  A friend and fellow slave of Atlas in Solomos before she got separated and moved to Rudvich. She trusts him and believes him to be honest.

Akuma - After an attempted murder on Akuma's life, the two held animosity towards each other.

Albel - Hates him for his smug, dismissive attitude and because he's a hybrid.

Astyn - An enemy who fought to save Akuma's life after Atlas insults her.

Axle - A white dragon lord that Atlas promised to protect in Cloud's stead as they journey to Trident Mountain. Their friendship is currently developing.

Chi - Atlas doesn't see her as a threat after learning that her hunter's mode is a dud, but she still dislikes the hybrid because Chi was probably one of the hybrids who tormented her sister in the lab.

Cloud - Atlas's guest, whom she let stay at the Castle of Fire. Cloud was the one who warned her about Marc.

Darkness - an ally who helped her to kill Ramkot and the other. They are on neutral terms with each other as of now.

Dracul - Atlas's enemy; she wants to make him pay for hurting Axle and Mekarth. She dislikes him for his deceit and willingness to kill the innocent for the sake of having power.

Fayt - Dislikes him

The Firestar sisters - Danielle and Kylie are Atlas's nieces; whom she has vowed to protect and raise after the death of their parents.

Garin -

Henry - A friendly human that Atlas runs into on the way for the Northwest Region. She befriends him and hangs out with him at his house for one night. She pities the boy for having to live with his abusive sister.


Marc - There's not much relationship between the two, other than Atlas knowing he's Cloud and Axle's enemy.

Merkath - Axle's brother that Atlas meets during their stay in the spring cave. They may become friends later.

Nick - Atlas's enemy who fought against her to save Akuma's life. The two of them dislike each other.

Ohimia - A dragoness that Atlas gets concerned for as they are on a dangerous journey and Ohimia was nearly killed by Albel.

Rika - Dislikes her, but to a lesser extent than the hybrids

Rina - A dragoness who helped Atlas catch the thief and made him catch another squirrel to feed Danielle.

Snively - an old friend and fellow slave of Atlas, who was held hostage in order for her to fight seriously in the death tournaments.

Spinx - An enemy who wants to kill Atlas in order to add her to his undead army. He's also after Axle and has interest in turning Danielle and Kylie into his zombies. Atlas must defeat him to prevent their fates at his hand.

Yukki - A friend of Atlas's, but doesn't like her hurting her brother.

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