Username: Psyduck

Name: Bryce Bengstington

Age: 39

Appearance: Bryce looks like your typical human, average height, well built, broad shouldered and sure-footed. His face shows signs of his age, as wrinkles are starting to show, in addition to the gray hairs visible along his beard and mustache. Despite that, he's in good shape, with a solid straight posture and a well developed body that speaks for his years spent in hard physical labor. The scars he bears are visible upon his torso and arms, for the most part, and are usually covered by the long hooded jacket he hardly ever parts with. Below the waist, he wears thick pantaloons, covered by padded leg guards and tucked within a pair of heavy leather boots. Despite his attire also showing signs of wear and tear, the damage is merely superficial.

Personality: Bryce is a mindplayer. His strengths lie not in his combat prowess, but in speechcraft. He could sell ugly to an ogre, and then have it come back for more. Although it often takes him some time to worm himself within the trust of other people, he's not shy of double-crossing his fake friends for his own benefit. After all, ever since his weapons stopped working, that has been his only way to get by. Behind the many metaphorical masks he wears, Bryce is usually level-headed and calm. He keeps himself in check at all times and never lets his emotions get the better of him. Unfortunately, years of this have also rendered him cold, distant, and hard to bond with.

Weapons: Upon his back, Bryce carries his old, now useless, shotgun which he affectionately refers to as "the Loud Lady". That weapon is invaluable to him, and after 'she' had broken down, he simply couldn't bring himself to part with 'her'. In addition, Bryce carries several kinds of knives each intended for a different purpose: survival, combat, assault, stabbing, slicing and venom injection and others. He is curious about magic, but lacks the patience to commit fully to the practice.

Opinion of Dragons: Being detached from the war, Bryce has developed no grudges against dragonkind. To him, they are the same as people, just a lot larger and more dangerous on their own.

Likes: The honesty of others.

Dislikes: Confined spaces, centipedes and forest berries.