Username: Cynder Dragonborn

Name: Cynder

Age: 458

Appearance: (Sorry I have no pics.) Mostly white cloak, with black and purple accents, Blood-red eyes, Black hair, Caucasian Skin

Personality/History: Cynder was a normal teenager back when dragons were getting deeper into their sort-of dark age, when they were slaved and killed much more often. Cynder went in search of a way to free a dragon, to give it a rest from the accursed life they had entered. He had researched a lost form of magic called 'Dracomancy' and with his newfound magic, attempted to free a dragon from its captivity but the spell he used backfired and marked him with a rune that locked his age permanently, he was immortal. Cursed to remain a teenager for eternity...

Weapons: Powerful Dracomancy, A small Knife (tongue.gif)

Opinion of dragons: They were never supposed to be treated as they were, they should be the friends of humans, not slaves

Likes: Dragons, Magic, Friends, Atlarius

Dislikes: Dragon Slavers/Killers, Any dragon dying, Pain