Username: DarknessDragon197
Name: Darkness
Age: 117
Appearance: Darkness is a Black dragoness with scales as dark as night, her eyes glow a crimson red, similar to the shade of blood. She also carries a scar across her left eye, as well as several on her sides from the tournaments the humans held for entertainment. A set of long jagged horns rest on her head followed by smaller spikes that run from neck to tail, ending with a blade tipped tail. Her body is  medium sized and thin, but muscular with large powerful wings, making her fit for close and aerial combat. She also wears a red gem necklace to help strengthen her  spells.
Personality: Darkness is calm but can be quick tempered at times. When something sets her off she will be highly aggressive and some times merciless. All though she doesn't show much emotions she has a soft kind side to her that will sometimes show.
Powers: Fire and shadow attacks, and ice and cursing spells.
Opinion of Humans: She used to like the humans until they turned against her, making her hate them with a burning passion.
Likes: Darkness tends to like being alone at times, and will swim when she can. She also  spends her time   practicing combat and spell skills to shape herself up for anything that could possibly happen.
Dislikes: She hates anything that will try to cause her harm as well as anything that doesn't match her liking such as humans.

Fanart Edit

Darkness the Dragon

Drawn by Red Dragonette.