Name: Dracul

4e red dragon

Age: 873


It is unknown what happen to him after taking the city of shadow wind, and if he have the ability of shifting forms. the 

only known thing that is still the same is the scar that goes from his neck to the tip of his tail of a self inflicted wound.

Personality: He is insane, but yet is one of the strongest Dragons in shadow wind, and very few are left who will try and upraises against him.

Powers: Have a Great deal in Lighting and Darkness magic and have a good knowledge. Can change from as well. He have a skill hand in sword fight and in dragon fighting as well (This is not magic power just training over his 800 years.)

Opinion of Everything: he think of everything is a worm to him, including other dragons

Likes: watching other struggle for survival

Battle Between Excab and Dracul (I think that should Explain the power the bothers used against each other.)