Name: Garin

Age: 33 (acts and looks like 17)

Appearance: Late teenage dragon-human Halfling. About 5" 6' tall. Lean build. Light colored skin. Dark, straight hair that playfully touches the tops of his ears. Striking blue eyes. Black horns that stick out from above his ears, curving forwards and reaching his forehead before curving straight up, just above his head, where they end in a fine point. Dark black, dragon-like wings stick out from his back, proportional to his body size. Usually wears a bright red shirt with a human skull on it and denim jeans.

Personality: Calm, cool and collected. Has lots of patience and doesn't like to get into unnecessary fights. Smart, and seems to be quite experienced, despite his age.

Powers: Fire breath, knows advanced techniques in all types of Destruction magic, although he prefers Fire and Lightning, and can enchant weapons with Destruction elements to make them more powerful.

Weapons: A strong, sharp, fire-resistant longsword.

Opinion of Humans: "Two words: Mostly idiots."

Opinion of Dragons: Better than humans in every way except technological advancement.

Likes: Solidarity in the mountains, mediation, nice conversations.

Dislikes: Anyone, or anything unreasonable