Gr Earth dragon

Name: ???

Race: Plant Dragon

Age: 339

Appearance: Green scales, roughly 12 feet tall and 18 in widths (rough guess).

Personality: Has a high respect of the world, and the life it gives.

Powers: Able to create, detect, and manipulate plant life. Being a Plant Dragon, he’s capable of using Life and Earth magic.

Opinion of Humans: Distrustful of them

Likes: Plants in their natural state.

Dislikes: Destruction of life, especially plant types


Until the taste of freedom, he was forced to work by giving life to crops or by clearing a path in the forest by force removal, to name a few tasks. He greatly dislikes the later, especially since he could feel the pains. His only comfort was the telepathic messages from the other Dragons. Now that he’s free, he spends his time giving life to the world that holds him. Unfortunately, there are still those that would interrupt his work…