Basic information: Edit

Greta Wildmoor

Name: Greta Whispermoor

Nicknames: The Witch-woman, The Hag

Measures: 165cm (5ft2) / 50kg (110lb)


Already past her days of glory, Greta has gained a few wrinkles and grey hair to accompany her. There are still some hints of the dark coal color her hair used to be. Even though she isn't young, Greta seems pretty agile. Her green eyes have a sharp look on them. She is a petite woman who covers her body in green wool and brown burlap, which makes her hard to detect from time to time.  She prefers not to wear any shoes at all. 


Greta may seem distant and cold-hearted person at first, as she is more to thinking and logic than feeling and passion. She is still a caring person, always looking after others. She doesn't fancy power, to the opposite, she hates it. She will disobey all orders she doesn't agree with. Greta has no interest in powerplay or long arguments. There are more important things to focus on. She uses her time healing the sick instead of battling in the front lines. She is more commonly known as ”the Witch-woman” or ”the Hag”.

Weapons: A battlestaff with short blade, a sling-shot, a sickle. Can do simple but effective protective magic.

Opinion of dragons:

Intelligent species which are not to be taken lightly. Does not believe them to be evil by nature anymore than humans are.

Likes: Silence, wise desicions, herbs, good conversations.

Dislikes: Babbling, over-confidence, perfumes, high-class lifestyle, violence.

In Detail Description: Edit

Full name: Greta Evanna Fionda Whispermoor

Family history:

Whispermoors have always been part of the working class in the economy. In the previous era they had been healers and bone-breakers, healing the victims of ransacking dragons and thieving bandits. When the era of dragon enslavement began, the times of traveling healers came to an end.

In unknown circumstances Whispermoors moved into the service of one noble family, the Gildharts. It became a family tradition that the sons of Whispermoors would become the dragon handlers of Gildharts while the daughters would learn the ways of tradition: Wards, herbs and toxics. This tradition has somewhat survived through the time, as most of the children choose rather to stay with the family than find their own paths.

The Whispermoors family is in ruins now, after the great carnage. Only a few made it out alive from Gildharts Mansion as the dragons broke free. No one is sure who might still be alive out there somewhere. Whispermoors are scattered, and only time will tell if they make it or not through the harsh years of war.