A mixed race that is an offspring of a human and a dragon; usually from rape in slavery. Halflings look like human beings, but with a very few draconic parts added to them. Most halflings will only have dragon wings, reptilian eyes, and sometimes the hair color from their dragon parent. But there are rare cases where a halfling will also have either horns or a tail; having both is much more rarer. Unlike hybrids, another mixed race that is mostly dragon-like and smell like dragons; halflings are mostly human and smell like one, too. Though they are able to consume food of their dragon parent's breed. Their human side is also what gives them mortality, but lets them age at half the rate as humans. Children will look totally like normal human children, unless they're part amphiptere, lindwurm or sea dragon where their lower half is a scaleless tail, until they hit puberty where their dragon parts start to show. Like hybrid animals such as ligers and mules, most halflings are infertile with a 93% chance of being unable to have children. Lastly, halfling appearances, except for eyes, can differ in many forms depending on what dragon type the parent is.

Western - Halfling will have wings like the western parent.

Eastern - Halfling their parent's hair color and hair roots extending to the back of their neck and torso.

Wyvern - Halfling will have wings on their arms.

Wingless Dragon - Halfling will just have the eyes and maybe the hair color, too.

Amphiptere - Halfling will have wings on arms and the lower half of their body is the tail of their dragon parent.

Lindwurm - Halfling will have wings on back and lower half of their body is the tail of their dragon parent.

Sea Dragon - Halfling will look like a mermaid, but with tail resembling that of their dragon parent.

Notable halfling Characters Edit