Name: Jason Quellin

Age: 34

Appearance: Jason is a Black Male standing at 6'5" he is well muscled and keeps his dark curly hair cut short. He is clean shaven and has burn scars on his face and body.

Personality: Jason is pretty hearty and outgoing around humans the kind of guy anyone can drink with but he is also unusually cruel towards dragons. On the job he is cunning and patient.

Weapons: Longsword & shield, shortbow.

Opinion of dragons: Jason is a radical dragon hater. He'd always been cruel to the species but the night of the escape he lost his family to a dragon. The trauma only fed the hatred festering in his heart. Malnourished and pitiful as it was Jason was able to slay the dragon.

Likes: Most drinks and hard liquor. Hunting, cooking, and sports.

Dislikes: Not a fan of fruit, nor is he particularly fond of fashion.