Name: Jupiter Red Moon

Age: 25 (in dragon years)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brute dragon, with blue pendant around neck.

Personality: Mysterious and quiet. Usually calm, and never outspoken, but can be dangerous and destructive when angry. Very loyal to her friend, Sparks.

Powers: Can communicate telepathically with Sparks, blue fire, mild irresistible to some forms of magic.

Opinion of Humans: Most of them are okay.

Likes: Sparks, the forest, meat, shiny things.

Dislikes: Water, Dragon slavers.

History: After losing his only egg in a hurricane, Varix Red Moon, leader of a Brute dragon clan, adopted Jupiter and Ivory (Jupiter's sister), who had been abandoned by their mother. Jupiter was never welcomed by the clan, but Ivory, being older, was quickly accepted as heir to the throne. Jupiter, jealous of her sister, left the clan and headed towards Windfall, where she met Sparks.