Confusion character

Name: Kai

Age: 20

Gender: Unknown to strangers unless told

Dragon Opinion: Varied

Abilities: Necromancer, thievery, potion master

Personality: Proud | Up front | Clever

Kai is an extroverted individual that has an inflated ego of sorts. They are a skilled necromancer and enjoy anything related to dark magic and related subjects. Kai often uses their magic ability to steal, sending their ghouls in in a covert way to retrieve things. It makes most of it indirect, showing off their clever prowess as they've never been caught. Their slim figure (standing at about 5'5) allows them to be very agile to avoid getting caught. They are also flexible and exercised in gymnastics of sorts to the point of being annoyingly 'slippery'. Kai is also a studied and perfected potion master. Their potion skill varies to all types of potions, from medicine, to poison, and even tedius things like knockout gas. Hell, even some good soup. While Kai has a very social and up front feeling upon meeting, they do not appear to particularly care about individuals, but rather see others as a source of entertainment. It's to a degree that might feel a bit like a sociopathic nature when noticed, as Kai will sometimes use others to achieve things. This is not exactly so, but rather Kai actively perfers to behave this way in focus of their 'real goal'.


  • Necromancy
  • Collecting dead bodies
  • Potion making
  • Stealing
  • Outdoors
  • Night time
  • Music
  • Parties


  • Light magic / mages
  • Being outshined
  • "Too many questions"
  • Dogs


Kai grew up in the slums with their single mother. They were very close to their mother until one day walking home late at night, they were mugged for what little they had. Kai's mother was brutally murdered in front of them. The child learned thievery to make it by in life. While trying to steal from a shop, Kai was caught by the owner, who was a necromancer. They let Kai go on a stern notice after catching the child up in magic. Kai pestered the necromancer into teaching them magic. It was secretly in hopes for bringing back their dead mother. The necromancer taught Kai necromancy- eventually revealing that they were a shinigami, or soul collector retired. When Kai was older, the shinigami taught Kai the ability to even eat souls and feed off life force.


Tix is Kai's close friend. He is a shadow walker dragon. She often had to refered to him as a 'pet' before the spell. While Kai normally wasn't one to get close with dragons, she took to Tix rather fast. Tix meddled in necromancy with her and became 'tainted', turning as black as the shadows he hid in.