Username: En'K'Haral Name: Kathrine "Kat" Y'maln

Age: 148

Appearance: Kat is a rather small Magi dragon at full length she's 7'4" Standing on all fours she approximates 4'5" in height. Her orange scales shimmer when caught in the light, but in some areas they are rotted through because of a unique sickness she inherited from the long line of inbreeding in her family. She has deep blue eyes.

Personality: Kat is social enough when it comes to speaking to other dragons, humans on the other hand she his less than fond of. Kat is young and still very impressionable, taking the word of her elders as the start and end of all things. She is also quite self conscious of her appearance constantly removing the rotted scales.

Powers: Advanced control over illusions: This allows her to create illusions that can fool any one or more of the senses. The cost is at a worsening of her sickness on a scale directly proportional to the power of the magic she uses.

Opinion of Humans: Katherine takes a "I won't bother them if they don't bother me" approach to most humans. Her impressionable nature however may change this.

Likes: Katherine enjoys a variety of human foods, chief among them the snack known as goldfish, a taste that was acquired during her enslavement. She's also taken a liking to the taste of horse and to the activity humans call rock climbing, which came more from necessity since she is a weak flyer.

Dislikes: Because it links directly to her sickness Katherine detests the use of her magic often trying to find other resolutions to her problems. She also has a particularly strong hatred for Circuses.