Username: Zanzibar79

Name: Katerina Summers (Kat)

Age: 14

Appearance: Kat is lean and wiry, with a slight frame and angular face. She has high cheekbones and thick lashes which frame her dark-brown eyes. Her hair is short, cut close to her head like a boy's, and is the same deep, dark-brown as her eyes.

Personality: Kat's an interesting individual, preferring to be either on her own or with dragons, or other animals, rather than be with others of her own kind. She is extremely strong-willed, stubborn, passionate and restless, but around those she doesn't know, and on her own especially, she can be extremely shy. Often she can be cold and stony to those around her, and it's hard to see what she's feeling or thinking most of the time. She's very intelligent, being an A-grade student in most subjects, and loves reading.

Weapons: A 4 foot staff with a 2 foot blade on one end.

Opinion of dragons: Loves them, and thinks of them as family or close friends. She finds them so much more understanding and forgiving then most people. She prefers them to humans, anyhow.

Likes: Dragons, books, animals, getting away from other humans.

Dislikes: Crowded spaces, being the center of attention, people who mistreat dragons.