Username: Holocast

Name: Madeleine Ray Birchwood (Maddy for short)

Age: 19

Appearance: She has long, waist-length light brown hair with a white streak in the back. It's nearly always kept in low, loose pigtail braids. Her eyes are a golden hazel color, similar to this. She has a heart shaped face with a fair complexion, and a small scar roughly shaped like a crescent moon underneath her left eye. She's grown curvy and has developed light muscles because of hunting, and is 5'4".

Personality: Very bubbly and happy. She can be very social, but does enjoy her alone time the most. She is very good at calming others and solving arguments amidst her friends, but she's not very good at calming herself down when she is sad, and is easy to cry at many things because of how empathetic she is. Though, it does take a lot for her to get angry, as she does not like to be. When she gets angry, she becomes extremely scary and takes a while to get back to her normal, happy self.

Weapons: A long bow and a small ornate dagger with an emerald embedded in the hilt that she keeps strapped and hidden on her leg.

Opinion of dragons: Because her father was always in favor of dragons, she has grown to find them mysterious and fascinating, and wishes to meet one someday. She also wishes she could help stop the war, but currently has no idea how to.

Likes: Nature, her father, long walks through the forest, reading numerous old tomes her father owns, tree climbing, traveling, hunting, and tomatoes.

Dislikes: The war, unnecessary violence, when her friends argue, magic (more of an unsettling fear), oranges, and when it gets too hot outside.