Rick Hunter

Username: LordTorch18

Name: Rick Hunter

Age: 35

Appearance: Brown hair, tan skin, forest green eyes, grey-ish blue robes with white trim. Very muscular, a single scar on his face from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek, and a few scars on his upper body.

Personality: Focused, helpful, generous. Rick was trained in ancient fighting arts. His training allows him to see and move faster than the untrained eye can see. He hates having to use his blades, but will if he has no other choice.

Weapons: Daisho - a katana and wakizashi with black and silver handles, hand-guards, and sheaths; naginata (used mostly as a walking stick); bow and arrows, and a few shurikens.

Opinion of dragons: Is a well-known dragon ally. Known as the "blade of the east" in many lands.

Likes: Dragons, swords, women, dragon-lovers, and hard training.

Dislikes: Dragon haters, violence, slavery, criminals.