Name: Seliss Vinhart

Age: Eh, 19-20

Appearance: Seliss has long, messy blonde hair with china doll bangs, and big hazel eyes with flecks of brown. Her build is tall and lean, and she often wears black leggings, a t-shirt, and her favorite denim jacket. She has fair skin and a golden bracelet with a ruby that is the source of her magic.

Personality: Seliss is very polite and well mannered, and thinks first impressions are very important. Despite her gentle appearance, she is very tough and hard working, and she won't stop until she gets something right. She is easily angered, but forgives quickly, and is wary of strangers. She will always protect those weaker than her, and is often outspoken when it comes to arguments.

Weapons: Fire magic

Opinion of dragons: She doesn't know much about dragons, only what she was taught in school, and plans to learn more. She thinks they are wise and respectable creatures.

Likes: Learning new things, dragons, magic.

Dislikes: War, bad manners.

History: Seliss was raised by very wealthy parents. They weren't big fans of magic or dragons, and wanted to protect their only daughter from them. But Seliss had always want to learn fire magic, and every night she would sneak out and take lessons. But one day, she was practicing and almost burned the house down. Her parents were so angry that she disobeyed them, that they abandoned her to live on her own. She is now searching for work.