Shadow WindEdit

Shadow Wind is a major city in Rudvich south east section of the continent, on the water edge. Thought most of the city now lay in ruins from natural disasters and war that have recently happen to the city, people still thrive here in this city. This town is know as the Black market town do to the rarity of items that can be found here from some book of ancient time, to some of the strongest metal to exist.

Before the Death of lordsEdit

Before the Death of dragon lords and protectors of Shadow Wind, the city was in the progress of rebuilding after a horrible disaster of earthquakes and huge waves. The current lords and dragon-ness that protected the city were recently slayed or enslaved by Dracul and his followers, including Spinx.

Black MarketEdit

As the rummer that go around Shadow Wind about where the black market is, that is currently unknown to everyone, unless you know Shadow Wind and was born there. This is to keep people from finding it and try to remove it, as it will move every hour to a new location and never in the same place twice. The market has a vast amount of gear, weapons, and spell scrolls for sale. Armor and weapons are for both Dragon and Human alike.

Warning of this townEdit

Crimes are at a high level and you are highly likely to get attacked in this town by thugs for your gear, food, or money.
If you are weak in this City you will be torn to pieces and spit out, survival of the fittest.