Shiba the dragon

Artwork drawn by Red Dragonette

Shiba is a bright pink dragoness that only made a short appearance in the RP. She is played by the RPer, shibathedragon. Shiba made her first appearance walking through the grass with a sore wing. She looks at the sky briefly with a desire to fly before she decides to lay down. Then she senses someone in the woods and goes to hide behind Dion's house to see who it is. It turned out to be her friend, Kakoli, who surprises her by jumping out of a tree. Shiba didn't like this surprise, but Kakoli found it to be funny. Shiba asks him what was it he wanted and Kakoli answers that it was nothing; he just wanted to startle her for fun. He quickly dashes off before Shiba follows him and warns him that he doesn't know what's over in the direction he's going.