Username: Brotato

Name: Torque

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Appearance: Torque looks like your average human, two arms, two legs, about 1,9m tall. He has a bushy dark-brown beard and short dark-brown hair that covers the entirety of his scalp. He has a unibrow, and two hazel eyes underneath it that have a "maniac" look about them in some strange way. He wears reinforced leather armour consisting of a tight well fitted hooded black tunic, pair of darkish brown leather gloves, a pair of reinforced padded trousers with protective plating around the knee and ankle areas, and a set of soft-soled boots bearing a similar colouration. Various pouches and compartments for equipment line the outside of his attire, though most of them are empty at all times.

Personality: Torque is generally a laid back man with little care for the problems of the world. He comes and goes as he pleases, pausing only where there is either money or excitement to be had. He has no reservations when it comes to cheating his way to pockets full of money, or outright stealing someone else's for his own benefit. He's also genuinely interested in all that dragonkind has to offer, and is looking to befriend them, in order to perhaps somehow tap into a bit of what makes them so strong for himself. He's exceptionally open-minded and always looking to try something new.

Weapons: He carries a longsword, sheathed across his back, two sets of knives, one for skinning and dissecting what he catches. The other for self defence and employment of various poisons he keeps on hand. He also carries a small crossbow directly above where his longsword is sheathed. It fires bolts too small to hurt anything bigger then a deer, but sharp enough to puncture most kinds of armor, with the intent of delivering doses of paralytic poisons and numbing agents from a range.

Opinion of dragons: He's fond of them. true, he finds some of them corny and bossy, but is fascinated by them in general. To him, they're often a solid source of thrills.

Likes: A fair challenge and the prospect of a good reward when he's rested. Being in good company with a good drink in one hand when he's tired.

Dislikes: Zealots, elitists, royalty, generally unpleasantly stuck-up individuals.