Name: Yopple

Age: Some old age

Apperance: He looks like any normal Cassare, except for one thing; he literally glows orange


Personality: He's a strange dragon. Not in the cliche weird way, but literally strange. He has two personalities; one kind, protective soul, and one cold-hearted, bloodthirsty beast. His two sides may be a result of his parents being two opposite breeds; a Magi and a Cassare. His nice side is normally out, at least until he is pushed far over the anger line. Then his mean side comes to play, but loses dominance after some time. His bad side never gains control for long...his good side treats both humans and dragons fairly, but his evil side hates both

History: He is the first stolen dragon of his tamer, but he really did not hatch first. Another dragon, Ohimia, hatched before Yopple. Their tamer, Esko, was a new one then, about a few centuries ago. Every other name he tried to write on the scroll dissapeared after writing, so he wrote the name 'Yopple' out of frustration. Ever since, Yopple followed Esko like a dog. However, recentley, Esko was slaughtered by anti-dragon humans, which sent all of the dragons on Esko's scroll to scatter. Ever since, Yopple travelled, trying so hard to supress his dark side from the pain and sorrow.

Powers: mastered Fire and water. He can teleport, but it takes a lot of energy. Has an unusual sense of smell, even for his own kind. He developed unnatural powers such as teleportation and telekinesis, but, these powers take lots of energy.

Opinion of humans: Differs between his personalities

likes: differs between his two personalities

dislikes: differs between personalities

Size: huge(35 ft. Tall)