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Name: Zaros

Gender: Male

Age: 518

Specie: Human - 6ft 2'

Abilities: Water magic, illusion magic, mind control magic

Attributes: Focused, insightful, quick learner, curious, silent, idealist

View towards Dragons: Lower on the food chain and should be subservient to humans


Zaros is a human that has lived far longer than nature intended. He was always interested and talented with magic and tampered with it from a young age. While still in his teens, Zaros started to meddle in forbbiden magic, aquiring ethernal youth in order to keep practicing magic. He learned water magic as his first and primary skill, able to use it to both fight and and heal on an advanced scale. Once he had mastered the water magic arts, he moved onto illusion magic to improve on personal defense. Since he always had a higher thought function, Zaros found it a unique and amusing strategy to mess with his opponent's mind with illusions to trick them or wear them down mentally. As years went by his illusions of the mind melded into actual mind control.

He wears a silver "Hollow" crest on his arm, showing a dragon encircling an orb of water. It represents an ancient group of water mages. The Hollow crest was worn by these mages long ago who trained at the castle residing in Hollow Bay. These mages have long been forgotten as the group presumably died out.


Yuki is a snow white eastern dragon with icy blue eyes. A thick mane of hair goes from her forehead all the way down her back and out to a tuft on the end of her tail. She stands about 8 feet tall on all fours and is 20 feet long. She is 600 years of age.

She is a close friend to Zaros and the secret to his eternal youth. While messing with taboo magic, particularly in necromancy, the two had found a way to pick at souls. Yuki, not wanting her friend to grow old and die in a blink of her lifespan, agreed to share a piece of her soul with Zaros so that he would have immortality. The two could feel each other's pain after the process so they are careful, as they are unaware what may happen if one of them should die. This new factor to their bond made sure that they are always close to each other for protection.