Name: Zeditha 

Age: teen... *no idea how old that would be*

Appearance: She is thin and agile, with a long neck and a tail that can be used as a whip. She has ear-flaps that she uses to show expression. She is dark purple with swirls of maroon, black, and different blues. Her eyes are emerald green.

Personality: She is mostly kind and caring, but when provoked she fights viciously. However, she will only target those that provoked her and any who helped them.

Powers: Agility and aerobatics, as well as breathing fire.

Opinion of Humans: They're annoying, but some are fairly nice. It's worth keeping them alive to find out, but those that attack must be killed.

Likes: hunting, flying, a good talk with a dragon-loving human

Size: She's not all that big... Small for a dragon but still large to a human.