Artwork by algeria on Zerochan.

Zee Cala
Age: 37
Personality: Zee is quite inquisitive, even for a young dragon, and loves learning new things. She can be very serious, but also tries to be cheerful. Being enslaved since she was born, any naivety that she might have had has been quenched. She is friendly and kind, but if she believes you threaten those she loves, she can be aggressive and overly-protective.
Powers: Able to bend earth and stones, manipulate plants, influence weak-minded individuals(like Jedi mind-tricks) and can hypnotise with her gaze if she concentrates hard.
Opinion of Humans: Over all, she's wary of them, and doesn't really like any except Kat, who has been her friend since the girl was little.
Likes: Learning, being able to stretch her wings, discovering new things, having a good meal.
Dislikes: Being in cramped places, having no food for a while, doing nothing, being treated like a dumb tool.

Fanart Edit

Zee and Katerina

Gift-art drawn by Red Dragonette of Zee being hugged by Katerina.